Citywide Sewer Service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Minnesota. We have over 22 years of experience in commercial and residential sewer installation, repair, and drain cleaning. We handle problems, big or small, for our customers and strive to ensure their satisfaction.

Sewer Installation

A sewer is a plumbing system consisting of underground pipes used to bring waste matter and drainage water out of a building or home. There are many factors to consider before installing a sewer such as the size of the drain field, the type of soil, the terrain, landscaping, and access. An accessible system is essential in performing maintenance, which is necessary to keep the system functioning properly. A quality installation is the first step towards an effective sewer line. Citywide Sewer Service is committed to the proper steps need to completing an efficient and reliable installation.

Drain Cleaning

Drain functionality is important to the smooth operation of your home. The purpose of drains is to flush wastewater out of the home or business, making the area prime location for mold and bacteria. Buildups from mold growth, oils, and soaps can cause smells and overall real health threats over time. Basic maintenance cleaning of any drain is important for health and safety.

The most common backups happen because of a shallow blockage in the trap or the pipe, typically in a bathtub, toilet, or sink. To be sure your systems are functioning optimally, contact Citywide Sewer Service. Citywide Sewer Service has all the tools and equipment necessary to assist you with the drain cleaning in every part of your home or business.

Sewer Line Video Inspection

Our sewer line video camera is a valuable piece of diagnostic equipment to help determine if there is a problem with your sewer system. The video camera’s head is connected to a flexible cable which is inserted in the main sewer line cleanout. This allows our team to monitor at ground level to see the condition of the sewer service line

Sewer Line Repair

Citywide Sewer Service Sewer Pipe InstallationWhen drain cleaning is no longer an option, sewer line repair might be your only option. Citywide Sewer Service can excavate to any sewer, drain line, or pipe to repair or replace. If tree roots are invading your sewer line, we’ve got you covered.

Tree roots invading your sewer line can cause big problems for your home’s pipes and drainage. Since your sewer lines are warmer than the ground around them and full of nutrients, tree roots tend to be drawn to them. Typically, this happens during the fall months when trees are looking for a new source of nutrition and the roots begin to be more active.

Slow drains could be the cause of tree roots invading your sewer line or burst pipe our experience and knowledgeable team can solve your unique problems. We offer many repair option; please contact us today to discuss your most cost-effective option.

How to tell if tree roots are in your sewer line:

  • Slow draining drains in sinks and tubs
  • Gurgling noises from the toilet
  • Complete blockage: no water draining.

If you notice any of these problems, contact Citywide Sewer Service today.

No matter what time or day you notice problems with your sewer, be sure to contact the experts at Citywide Sewer Service. We will arrive fully equipped to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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